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Sport For Life

Fun, health, developing skills or winning medals. Whatever the reasons for getting into sport, we want people to enjoy as many of its benefits as possible.

Supports health.

Supports health

As well as helping us unwind, sport helps us develop stronger bodies and better health.

Improves activity.

Improves activity

In an increasingly inactive world, sport gives us the motivation and support to help physical activity become a regular habit.

Develops skills.

Develops skills

Sport can keep young people engaged at school and beyond, helping them develop and learn how to communicate, lead and work in teams.

Strengthens communities.

Strengthens communities

Sport reduces loneliness and antisocial behaviour and makes people feel more connected to their community.

Helps the economy

Helps the economy

Sport supports productivity and reduces health expenditure, while also boosting employment and tourism.

Even if people don’t take part in sport, they can still enjoy these benefits, both in their communities and across Scotland as a whole.

Our Mission

We’re here to help the people of Scotland get the most from the sporting system. Here are just a few ways we do it:

Making an impact together.

Making an impact together

We help partners work together to make the best use of the money, time, information and expertise invested in sport. This means the right partners inside and outside sport working in the right way. Together, we can make the most of Scotland’s facilities, outdoor spaces, and the people who make sport happen.

Making an impact together.

Making sport more accessible

We encourage people to get involved, whatever the sport and wherever they choose to take part. Not everyone feels they can participate or progress in sport. We want that to change. By listening to what matters to people, the sporting system can better meet their needs. We share insight on how to make sport more inclusive, with some opportunities tailor-made for specific needs.

Making an impact together.

Progressing to your level

We want everyone to take part in sport at the level they choose. This could mean pulling on trainers for the first time or performing consistently on the world stage. We work with sports to develop the pathways and resources that support people on their sporting journey.

Making an impact together.

Contributing to an active Scotland

Sport plays an important role alongside other agencies in creating an active Scotland, where more people are more active more often. We lead the sporting system to demonstrate its contribution to all the Active Scotland Outcomes.

Making an impact together.

Celebrating the benefits of sport

Taking part in sport creates wider benefits in areas such as health, education, communities and the economy. These benefits can be either inherent or intentional. Either way we want people to be aware of them. We work with partners to promote how sport benefits people’s lives.

Our Assets

We want people to make the most of Scotland’s many excellent sporting assets to get active and involved in sport. These include:

Talented people.

Talented people

At the heart of our sporting system are the thousands of staff and volunteers who help others take part and progress across the club, community, performance, schools and education environments.

Fantastic facilities.

Fantastic facilities

There are many places to play sport and get active. From local halls to international venues, these facilities help everyone enjoy sport at every level, and attract world class events to Scotland.

Exceptional environment.

Exceptional environment

Scotland’s water, air, mountains and countryside play host to a huge range of sports and activities, with everyone welcome to enjoy the great outdoors and access it responsibly.

We believe in a world class sporting system that makes the best use of these assets so people can take part in sport at the level they choose.

Our Approach

To help us deliver the many benefits of sport to everyone in Scotland, we’re guided by six key principles. Scroll over a word to discover more.



We understand the barriers people face and proactively address them so everyone has the opportunity to get involved in sport and physical activity.



We plan well, we measure our performance and we are accountable for delivering outcomes.



We adapt what we do based on how we’re doing and what’s happening around us.



We listen to people and put their voices at the heart of our thinking.



We develop and strengthen partnerships and collaborations across the public, voluntary and private sectors.

World class

World class

We do everything to the highest possible standard, while seeking to continuously improve.